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Nova Post is changing its name to NOVA


Nova Post has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2001. Throughout these years, we have been creating new companies and products. Now, we proudly present NovaPay, which opens accounts for clients. Nova Digital offers IT solutions that ensure the safety of loved ones and protect businesses from cyber-attacks. Nova Global is a company focused on satisfying the needs of global e-commerce, providing customized logistics solutions for successful entry into new and existing markets. Besides delivery, Nova Post itself sells fulfillment services, freight transportation, and operates in Europe.


We are much more than just a postal service, so we are removing this word from the name of our group of companies and adopting the broad, barrier-free name — NOVA.


Nova Post, as a logistics operator, remains Nova Post. There will be no rebranding or logo changes. The changes apply only to the name of the group of companies. Nova Post stays as Nova Post.


The main goal of the NOVA group is to ensure easy delivery of anything for life and business. Currently, this includes parcels, money, and technology, but we do not intend to stop there. All NOVA companies implement a common strategy and are guided by the same values: Fast – Easy – Safe – Human – Tech – Growth.


The NOVA group of companies comprises:


Nova Post in Ukraine — delivers documents, parcels, large cargoes, and also provides freight transportation and fulfillment services. It has the most accessible network for clients: 11,400 branches and 15,500 postal terminals throughout Ukraine. It delivers countrywide within 24 hours, and within the same day in the city.


Nova Post Europe — a company providing a full range of logistic services for both private individuals and business clients, ensuring fast and reliable delivery of documents, parcels, and cargoes across Europe, as well as between the EU and Ukraine. It has already opened its representations in 11 countries: Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, and Italy. It has 35,000 service points, of which 83 are Nova Post's own branches.


NovaPay — a non-banking financial institution developing its own international payment system and providing financial services to private clients and businesses. NovaPay handles 2.6 million transactions per day. It is a full participant in the international payment systems (IPS) Visa and MasterCard. The company is certified according to the international standard for payment card industry data security PCI DSS. At the end of 2023, the company launched an app for clients to open settlement accounts.


Nova Global — a company focused on satisfying the needs of global e-commerce, providing customized logistics solutions for successful entry into new and existing markets. We simplify cross-border trade, ensuring convenience and efficiency for clients expanding their businesses abroad, and handling customs and tax intricacies seamlessly. Leveraging digital tools, we overcome limitations and engage with regulatory systems, ensuring guaranteed outcomes in new markets.


Supernova Airlines provides fast delivery to its clients from any point in the world. The company has already made dozens of flights between European countries. Soon it will begin transcontinental flights with cargo planes.


IT company Nova Digital is a powerful developer of web applications and software for architectures of any complexity and load. Nova Digital creates and services software products that process 30,000 operations per second. Its solutions have been tested by 32 million private and business users of Nova Post.